Fictional Femme (fictionalfemme) wrote in crossover100,
Fictional Femme

Tag team, Hel and Jess style!

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of crossover femslash!

Here we (and YOU) can toss out any pairing that strikes you, as long as it's a crossover and femslashy, and see if any random sucker wonderful person feels like writing it for you!

And we do welcome discussion but please keep it on topic. Besides giving/receiving requests, feel free to talk about the possibilities. Why do you think X-men's Rogue and Angel's Gwen Raiden are the OTP of the century? What possible problems do you think Carnivale's Libby and Dead Like Me's Betty would have had before they could be a potential couple? And what is your stand on same actress crossovers such as Angel's Cordelia Chase and Veronica Mar's Kendall Casablancas?

Now go ahead and jump right in.
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