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I would like to say, I would never have written this if it weren't for this community. It's all. your. fault. I figured, if I'm going to slash one beloved children's classic, why not slash two?

Title: Memory
Fandoms: Chronicles of Narnia/Swallows and Amazons
Pairing: Titty/Lucy
Challenge: coffee shop
Feedback: please!
Summary: Lucy finds a comrade in remembrance and learns to forget.

It was Susan who had introduced them, thinking that Titty would be a positive influence on her wayward younger sister. (Lucy didn’t think she was wayward. Peter and Edmund hadn’t forgotten Narnia, either.) Somehow Susan had come to the conclusion that Titty was a pleasant and respectable young lady, who would introduce Lucy to the delights of polite society.

Titty had thrown back her head and laughed when Lucy told her that, seated in a fashionable coffee lounge, and leapt into a story of her wild and disreputable childhood. Lucy had been startled at first, but then the story swept her up and she found herself laughing too.

Titty told of sailors and pirates and gold miners, and despite herself Lucy found herself fascinated. They couldn’t compare to the majesty and wonder of Narnia, of course, but she did not tell Titty that. Instead she listened and laughed, and slowly discovered that magic was not the only sort of adventure to be had.

Their meetings in coffee lounges didn’t last long. Instead, Titty took Lucy sailing, and Lucy stood on the bow of the boat, wind whipping her hair, and felt alive for the first time since the wardrobe door had closed behind her. It passed, of course, but when they were disembarking, Lucy took Titty’s hand and smiled at her.

Titty took Lucy hiking, and with time Lucy learnt to stop comparing every sight to Narnia. It hurt less that way, and she thought that one day it wouldn’t hurt at all.

When they stood together at the edge of a cliff and watched the sun rise in all its breathtaking splendour, Lucy’s first reaction was to think of the sunrise over Cair Paravel. Then she looked at Titty, made golden by the sun, and wondered that Narnia, home of all things good and lovely, did not have her.

Titty was bright and fearless and fair, and when Lucy turned and kissed her, she did not think of Narnia at all.
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